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The captain waits for Kop to move, then strokes the ball into the other corner. Cool as you like!

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The second half is under way.

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A very even and entertaining half, with Arsenal below their best and the visitors causing plenty of problems.

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She doesn’t miss this time! The centre forward reacts fastest after Rafaelle’s header came back off the bar from a corner.

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The visitors have had the better openings so far, and now they lead after a lovely team goal!

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We are under way at Meadow Park.

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Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Zinsberger; Maritz, Williamson, Rafaelle, Catley; Wälti, Little (c); Mead, Miedema, Hurtig; Blackstenius.


Subs: Marckese, Wubben-Moy, Beattie, Nobbs, Maanum, McCabe, Foord, Wienroither, Agyemany, Earl, Reid.


Ajax (4-3-3): Kop; Van der Most, Kardinaal, Doorn, Verhoeve; Noordam, Spitse (c), Pelova; Grant, Leuchter, Weerden.


Subs: Bussman, Van der Wal, Munsterman, Tromp, Kruize, Keijzer, Hoekstra, Bakker, Van Gool, Sabajo.

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After their routine opening WSL win over Brighton was made to look far less routine by Manchester City and Chelsea’s subsequent slip-ups, Arsenal have the chance to maintain their strong start to the season by claiming a place in the Champions League group stages.


Finishing second to Chelsea in the league last season means Jonas Eidevall’s side avoided the tricky round of mini-knockouts that put paid to Manchester City’s hopes. Instead, they begin in the final qualifying round, a two-legged playoff with the Dutch runners-up, Ajax, who overcame Eintracht Frankfurt to get here.


An emerging rather than established European force in the women’s game, Ajax’s deepest run in this tournament came in 2018-19, when they lost 13-0 on aggregate to Lyon in the last 16. Arsenal will be very warm favourites to progress but cannot afford to underestimate a side with plenty of young attacking talent.


With the North London derby at the Emirates on Saturday, a return leg in Amsterdam next week and new signings to bed in, Eidevall has a few tricky selection calls to make to keep his team fresh while avoiding a dreaded early European exit. Kick-off is at 7.30pm.

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Vital occasions

61 minutes: Arsenal will likely be trying to rating extra targets within the second leg – particularly with Ajax not enjoying of their league this week. The primary change for the guests right here, Isabelle Hoekstra replaces Virden.

Two quickfire targets at Ibrox, the place Anna Vitoria scored her second to place Benfica forward – just for McCoy to equalize together with his second moments later within the recreation. it’s Rangers 2-2 Benfica.

60 minutes: Ajax go forward however with Leuchter down and a futile attraction for a foul, Grant has little possibility however to twist an bold effort that flies broad.

58 minutes: Kaitlyn Ford is on to interchange Hurtig. Mead required a little bit of therapy for a doable head harm after the foul, however remains to be on.

Objective! Arsenal 2-1 Ajax (Little Ache 57′)

The captain waits for Kop to maneuver, then flicks the ball into the opposite nook. Cool such as you!

Punishment to Arsenal! The stress tells, Soria Verhoeven penalized for an uncharacteristic push on Bethmead. She’s offered out, and Kim takes a bit spot kick…

54 minutes: It looks like virtually each Arsenal participant has already come shut on this second half. Blackstein seems sure to attain as she bursts out of protection – however Kopp pushes the ball away because the striker tries to get round it.

53 minutes: Hurtig is effectively marshalled by Chastity Grant, again on her personal aspect. From the nook, Rafael’s shot rattles the put up!

51 minutes: Martz shoots from the nook of the realm, Kop claws it away. Arsenal getting photographs on purpose right here…

50 minutes: Arsenal began the second half with extra depth, trying to unsettle a younger Ajax backline that has held up very effectively up to now. This time, Hertig’s cutback is cleared behind, and Rafael heads broad from the nook.

49 minutes: Medema cuts in from the left, dances round a defender and curls his shot simply broad of the far nook. Moments later, Blackstein exams Kopp with a low effort from distance.

47 minutes: No modifications have been made to both workforce at half-time, however Arsenal made a powerful begin. Steph Catley muscle groups into the realm, and his shot crashes off the skin of the put up!

“Arsenal want a little bit of oomph in midfield – Manam on for Volley?” Charles ponders the entanglement. “It by no means occurs when Jill Roward was enjoying … again within the outdated days.”


The second half continues.

Benfica draw at Ibrox – it is 1-1 at half-time there. Two first playoff outcomes to carry you: Juventus Needed to accept a 1-1 draw in opposition to cooking In Denmark, Whereas Lee Schiller bought the one purpose Bayern Munich However received 1-0. Actual society.

Whilst you’re right here, why not signal as much as our weekly girls’s soccer publication? Shifting the goalposts Arrives in inboxes each Wednesday, so it is best to get your first version tomorrow.

Half time: Arsenal 1-1 Ajax

A really even and entertaining half, with Arsenal under their finest and the guests in loads of hassle.

44 minutes: Extra defensive uncertainty for Arsenal in direction of the tip of the half, with Leuchter getting in entrance of Rafael and forcing Zinberger to shoot a penalty at his close to put up! Catley acrobatically clears the rebound, and when the ball comes again into the realm, Lecher is offside.

42 minutes: Blackstenius seemed a bit remoted at instances within the first half, however Mead, Miedema and Hurtig – all succesful centre-forwards – began to supply extra help. Miedema seems on purpose right here, however misses his shot broad.

Miedema has a shot on purpose. Picture: James Whitehead/SPP/Rex/Shutterstock

40 minutes: Beth Meade virtually pounces on a via ball that catches the Ajax backline, however Kop is rapidly off his line.

37 minutes: Kim Little runs on the ball down the appropriate, however her cutback is blocked. Ajax clear and break the nook, however Verdon’s cross from the appropriate is definitely claimed by Zinberger.

35 minutes: Arsenal wish to preserve their possession on the pitch and sluggish the tempo a bit after this end-to-end first half hour.

A serious purpose replace from elsewhere: The Rangers Lead Benfica 1-0 via Kayla McCoy at Ibrox. That recreation additionally began at 7.30pm, BST.

half-hour: It has been a energetic first half hour, with Ajax posing loads of threats however Arsenal exhibiting they’ve an additional gear or two when wanted.

27 minutes: Leah Williamson has stern phrases together with her defensive mates, however moments later she’s in hassle once more. Lechter latches on to a via ball, however fires his shot straight on the keeper. Arms with some defensive points right here, to get out.

26 minutes: Ajax threatened once more, Van der Most’s harmful cross into the field went previous two forwards…

25 minutes: Vivianne Miedema, deployed in a deeper function by Eidevall in latest months, shuts down the Kop’s clearances and deflection loops are simply broad.

Objective! Arsenal 1-1 Ajax (Blackstein 23′)

He doesn’t keep in mind this time! The centre-forward was quickest to react after Rafael’s header from a nook got here again off the bar.

Stina Blacksteinius is congratulated after scoring a goal.
Stina Blacksteinius is congratulated after scoring a purpose. Picture: Liam Asman/SPP/Rex/Shutterstock

20 minutes: An opportunity for the hosts to counter-attack, as Hertig is introduced down on the sting of the realm. Bethmead goes for purpose, Kopp spills the ball – however Blackstein cannot put the rebound contained in the put up.

Arsenal gave the ball away cheaply from throw-ins and Ajax superior. As Nadine Nordum defends, she factors the ball via to Chesty Grant, whose low cross is headed house by Romy Lechter!

Objective! Arsenal 0-1 Ajax (Candlestick 17′)

The guests have made the higher begin up to now, and are actually forward after a stunning workforce purpose!

Romee Leuchteris congratulates after scoring a goal.
Romee Leuchteris congratulates after scoring a purpose. Picture: Liam Asman/SPP/Rex/Shutterstock

quarter-hour: Sherida Spitse has a shot from distance that’s effectively struck, however Zinsberger comfortably retains it.

14 minutes: Martz finds house once more on the appropriate, and his cross from the byline is met by Hertig, who’s hidden close to the far put up.

“Wayne Objective on the Ajax bench is an excellent instance of nominal dedication in soccer,” notes Peter Oh. I additionally suppose that keeper Kopp is destined to affix Liverpool someday.

10 minutes: Arsenal have but to place any actual stress on the guests, who’re energetic and effectively organised. Martz hooks in a cross from deep on the appropriate, however Lies Kopp is off his line to assert it.

Apologies for the marginally sluggish begin there – it appears the one strategy to watch this recreation stay (at the least within the UK) is by way of Arsenal’s web site, on the stream which is clicked into gear one or It took two minutes.

4 minutes: An early likelihood for the guests right here, although, Verdon received the ball on the sting of the Arsenal space and located Pilova, whose shot was blocked by Zinberger.

3 minutes: Arsenal, of their conventional crimson and white, are transferring the ball round in midfield whereas Ajax, kitted out in all navy, press with intent.

Leah Williamson in action.
Leah Williamson in motion. Picture: Liam Asman/SPP/Rex/Shutterstock


We’re going to Meadow Park.

One thing to bookmark for later: Ladies’s Soccer Weekly Again, with a full overview of the opening spherical of WSL fixtures and extra.

Simply three modifications for Arsenal from the WSL win over Brighton, with each full-backs changed – Noel Martz for Laura Weinrother, Steph Catley for Katie McCabe. Lena Hertig, who signed from Juventus this summer time, made her debut instead of Caitlin Ford.

Not like Arsenal’s multinational line-up, Ajax’s squad consists of solely Dutch gamers. Rising stars Viktoria Pelova and Romy Leuchter might pose issues for the hosts, whereas captain Sherida Saptse additionally captains her nationwide aspect.

Crew Information

Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Zinberger; Martz, Williamson, Raphael, Catley; Walty, Little (c); Meade, Medema, Hertig; Blacksthenes.

Subs: Marquez, Vaubin-Mooy, Beatty, Nobbs, Manam, McCabe, Foward, Weinrother, Aguemini, Earle, Reid.

Ajax (4-3-3): Cup van der Most, Cardinal, Dorn, Verhoeven; Noordam, Saptse (C), Pilova; Grant, Letcher, Verdon.

Subsmen: Bussman, van der Waal, Munsterman, Tromp, Kroos, Keijser, Hoekstra, Becker, Van Gool, Sabajo.


After subsequent slip-ups by Manchester Metropolis and Chelsea made their routine WSL win over Brighton much less of a routine, Arsenal had their sturdy begin to the season by claiming a spot within the Champions League group stage. There is a chance to take care of.

Final season’s second-placed end to Chelsea within the league meant Jonas Adewale’s aspect prevented the grueling mini-knockout interval that dashed Manchester Metropolis’s hopes. As a substitute, they begin within the remaining qualifying spherical, a two-legged play-off with Dutch runners-up, Ajax, who overcame Eintracht Frankfurt to get right here.

An rising relatively than established European power within the girls’s recreation, Ajax’s deepest run on the event got here in 2018–19, after they misplaced 13–0 on combination to Lyon within the final 16. Undermining a aspect with loads of younger attacking expertise.

With Saturday’s north London derby on the Emirates, the return leg in Amsterdam subsequent week and new signings in mattress, Eideval has some powerful choice calls to make to maintain his squad recent from a dreadful early European exit. Keep away from. Kick-off is at 7.30pm.

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