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Liam Martin is unstoppable from short range as Australia attack across the length of the field, following an error by Samoa as they neared the try-line. Martin has a couple of Samoans on hand to try and smash him backwards and repel him from the try-line but it’s no use. The referee has a look at the replay, and is happy.

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Fantastic bit of skill from Addo Carr to break the Samoa line, he spots a gap, and zips through it … then he has a simple task to offload to Tedesco on his inside, and the Kangaroos captain sprints over. That was slack defence from Samoa in truth but they aren’t out of this yet … Cleary adds the conversion.

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James Tedesco celebrates scoring their second strive with teammates.”,”caption”:”Tedesco celebrates his strive with teammates.”,”credit score”:”{Photograph}: Ed Sykes/Motion 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Stunning finish. Latrell Mitchell bounces off a tackler on the left wing and flops over for the first try after Milford is caught napping (very slightly) in defence for Samoa. After a fantastic first 10 for Samoa, they let Australia down to their end of the pitch once, and have paid the price.


“Just brilliant, basic rugby league,” says Jonathan Davies.


The conversion attempt by Nathan Cleary comes up short.

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Let’s go!

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Australia are unchanged from the semi-final against New Zealand. For Samoa, Fa’manu Brown is sidelined by concussion, meaning Chanel Harris-Tavita comes in.

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— Rugby League World Cup 2021 (@RLWC2021) November 19, 2022


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The Jillaroos are champions. Aaron Bower’s report will be coming up.

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No one would have predicted Samoa going deep in this competition after a 60-6 demolition at the hands of England in their opening match. Very few people expected them to emerge victorious last week, against the same opposition, in a dramatic semi-final at the Emirates Stadium. But, thanks to Stephen Crichton’s extra-time, golden-point drop-goal, they earned themselves a shot at glory at Old Trafford today.


So why shouldn’t they go one better, having reached their first final, and win the whole thing? Because, the realists among you will point out, Australia are aiming for their third straight tournament victory and their 12th overall. Technically they haven’t even missed a final since 1957 (the final of the inaugural event, in 1954, was contested by Great Britain and France).


So the odds are stacked against Samoa and the Kangaroos supporters, many of whom will be up at all hours of the night, will understandably be feeling confident. Do today’s official underdogs have more than a puncher’s chance? Team news and more coming up.


Kick-off: 4pm UK time

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Vital occasions

36 minutes: It’s now investigating a gap just some meters from the Tedesco Samoa line. Suaali’i goes down and bravely claims a low grubber kick, taking a slight knock to the pinnacle within the course of. Now, can Samoa upset the scorers earlier than the half-time whistle?

34 minutes: Taylan Might will get a yard on Samoa because the ball is distributed via the arms and he thunders beneath the arm. A high quality cowl deal with from Tedesco clears the hazard.

Strive it! 30 minutes: Australia 14-0 Samoa (Martin)

Liam Martin is unstoppable from quick vary as Australia assault down the size of the sphere, following a Samoan error as they strategy the strive line. Martin has a few Samoans attempt to break him again and push him again over the strive line but it surely’s no use. The referee takes a take a look at the replay, and is pleased.

28 minutes: Lowi takes a kick-up after working in direction of the Samoa strive line … There’s a decisive interception by Addo Carr, who prevents a try-scoring go out on the correct. However he provides Samoa one other set and so they keep on the strive line! Constructive indicators for Parish’s crew however they should get on board.

24 minutes: Australia strike once more… and it appears to be like like Mitchell, the No. 8, is completed once more, with a massively highly effective run, breaks into contact, hits the pitch, and will get to the strive line. However he knocks on it!

How did Samoa get out of it? He has been on the again foot for quarter-hour now.

20 minutes: “Kiwi residing in Broome, WA so do not care who wins however count on a very tight contest,” Kelly emails George.

Australia are actually on the rise now … Samoa must get on board if they will make this a contest. However the kangaroos are nonetheless a bit strangled.

Strive it! 18 minutes: Australia 10-0 Samoa (Tedesco)

Sensible ability by Ado Carr to interrupt the Samoan line, he sees a niche, and zippers via it … then he has the straightforward job of offloading to Tedesco inside him, and the Kangaroos captain ahead. Grows. It was really sloppy defending from Samoa however they don’t seem to be out but … Cleary provides the conversion.

Australia’s James Tedesco scored the second strive. Photograph: Ed Sykes/ActionImages/Reuters
Australia's James Tedesco celebrates scoring his second try with teammates.
Tedesco celebrates his strive with teammates. Photograph: Ed Sykes/ActionImages/Reuters

Strive it! 14 minutes: Australia 4-0 Samoa (Mitchell)

Wonderful end. Latrell Mitchell bounced the tackler on the left wing and fumbled the primary try after Milford was caught napping (very barely) within the Samoan defence. After an excellent first 10 for Samoa, they left Australia on the finish of the pitch as soon as, and paid the value.

“Simply incredible, primary rugby league,” says Jonathan Davies.

Nathan Cleary’s conversion effort comes up quick.

Australia's Latrell Mitchell beats Samoa's Josh Sawali on the way to score his team's first try.
Australia’s Latrell Mitchell beats Samoa’s Josh Sawali on the best way to attain his crew’s first strive. Photograph: Naomi Baker/Getty Photos

12 minutes: “I spent my total youth in Australia and Samoa however my coronary heart is with Samoa,” emails Anja Hansen. “Go to Samoa!!!!”

11 minutes: Hunt tries a cute again kick from inside inches of the strive line however Samoa tackles it.

10 minutes: Paulo connects with Samoa and offers them loads of momentum. Then a kick excessive is an excessive amount of and the Aussies explode on the counter-attack as they win again possession! They make 60 meters in seconds!

9 minutes: It stays 0-0 across the 10-minute mark. Samoa are tackling nicely, offloading nicely, and placing the Kangaroos beneath a whole lot of strain. That is stirring stuff.

7 minutes: “The ambiance right here in Auckland is nice, as all the time when a Pacifica crew is enjoying, there are flags all over the place!” E mail Stephen Cooper

“Cash on Samoa, however hopefully it is not less than an important sport.”

Thanks for the e-mail Stephen. To date so good…

6 minutes: One other nice set from Samoa. They kick behind the strive line on the final deal with and put the Kangaroos beneath a whole lot of strain. Then there is a ahead go from Ben Hunt and we’ll have a scrum.

4 minutes: An excellent early kick from Samoa is stored in play by Tedesco … it appears to be like like he is on the sphere, however on replay, he is in contact. However the authorities missed it. It ought to have been 40-20 for Samoa. Anyway, they’re positively preventing the beginning gates.

3 minutes: Valentine Holmes claimed a excessive bomb close to the strive line for Australia. He was there beneath strain and cleared the examination. Tu’o then makes an important catch because the Aussies kick once more.

2 minutes: Australia lead from their first set after which center down. There may be obstinacy on each side. However we anticipated it.

First half kick off!

let’s go!

Throughout Siva Tao, their conventional problem, Samoa stunning fired up look! He may as nicely be! Wow, they stand up within the faces of kangaroos. Proper of their faces. It is large.

Samoan players perform shiva tau before a match.
Samoan gamers carry out shiva tau earlier than a match. Photograph: Ed Sykes/ActionImages/Reuters

Watching from sunny Dubai,James emails Keith. “Actually wanting ahead to it. I am an Australian however not devastated if we lose.

“It is nice for the league.”

Good luck James!

Groups are out of the sphere., and it is anthem time. First Samoa. Some gamers cross their arms over their chests, shut their eyes and savor the emotion of the second.

Samoan players during the national anthem before the Rugby League World Cup final against Australia.
Samoan gamers throughout the nationwide anthem earlier than the Rugby League World Cup closing in opposition to Australia. Photograph: Rui Vieira/AP

Aaron Bower studies right here From final evening, and England’s win over France to win the wheelchair title:

“England, champions of the world. You solely have to return a couple of years since wheelchair rugby league was performed in empty sports activities halls. So right here in Manchester, as practically 5,000 individuals wheelchair England on residence soil. Watching Rugby League win the World Cup, the nation taking this unimaginable sport to coronary heart, it was exhausting to not really feel somewhat mild.”

If you’re burning the midnight oil. In Australia, or certainly Samoa, why not drop me an e-mail and let me know the way you are feeling? E mail or tweet @LukeMcLaughlin

On the primary street of ApiaThe capital of Samoa, every thing is blue. Individuals are in royal blue t-shirts, blue streamers are hanging from automobile home windows, some homes have even been painted blue previously week.

Report of goiter fegaimali from World Cup fever in Samoa.

Josh Addocar Australia is the best try-scorer within the match with 12.

The closest man on the opposition aspect is Tim Lafay who has whitewashed six occasions earlier than at the moment.

Staff Information

Australia’s semi-final in opposition to New Zealand stays unchanged. For Samoa, Fa’manu Brown is sidelined with concussion, that means Chanel Harris-Tavita comes on.


— Rugby League World Cup 2021 (@RLWC2021) November 19, 2022


Gallagher Australian Kangaroos Head Coach Mal Meninga has named a 19-man squad for the Rugby League World Cup 2021 Ultimate in opposition to Samoa at Outdated Trafford on Sunday, November 20 (AEDT).

Get all the small print:

— Gallagher Australian Kangaroos (@Kangaroos) November 17, 2022


Is Matt Parrish shocked? Are Samoa within the closing? “No. We have believed from day one … we have improved each week, and we’ll want to enhance once more at the moment.

“We have ready very nicely this week … we all know now we have a giant job however we’re wanting ahead to it.”

Paint the meninga.The Australian coach advised the BBC: “Everyone seems to be match and wholesome … we’re in good spirits in the mean time … the semi-final helped us as a strain sport, to assist us make higher choices. Mille … our preparation has been glorious, sure wanting ahead to at the moment’s match.

“Enjoying in finals footy is a part of the strain. They may really feel the strain too, they are going to wish to come out and play their finest sport.

Preview by Aaron Bower:

In the event you’re in and round Outdated Trafford on Saturday and may odor one thing acquainted within the air, it is most likely the lingering scent of Australian dominance. Because the solar units on one other Rugby League World Cup, it does so in a really recognizable means: solely this time with not one, however two Australian groups attempting to cement their standing because the world’s finest of their respective finals. have been

Australia FullbackSam Bremner gave his response to the BBC: “Oh my God … the enjoyment however the aid … we have been fascinated by this precise second for therefore lengthy, a few of us for 9 years, a few of us for 5 years … I consider Cannot. We’re within the second proper now, simply taking all of it in. Simply overwhelmed with a lot pleasure and aid.”

Bremner took a second to manage his feelings earlier than persevering with:

“I have been on this crew since I used to be an adolescent … I am nearly 31 now, it is formed me, it is formed us all to be actually good individuals … good footballers however all in all good individuals. The perfect, and once we play. The World Cup is our likelihood to say thanks for all of the values ​​that this crew has instilled in you … these are tears of pleasure.”

Wonderful interview.

Australia's Sam Bremner (centre), Kizzy Epps (left) and Ali Bregenshaw celebrate.
Australia’s Sam Bremner (centre), Kizzy Epps (left) and Ali Bregenshaw have fun. Photograph: Tim Goode/PA

Aaron Bower is our man on the scene in Manchester:

Australia’s Jellarose booked their third consecutive Girls’s Rugby League World Cup due to a one-sided victory over New Zealand’s Kiwi Ferns. Each side performed the match within the group stage, with Australia beating their opponents 10-8 to prime Group B.

Shows for the Girls’s World Cup are ongoing. The Jalarus squad and again room crew simply did a winner’s circle and there was a little bit of singing. Now they get their arms on their winners’ medals, to not point out the trophy.

Girls’s World Cup Ultimate End result: Australia 54-4 New Zealand

Jalilos are champions. Aaron Bower’s report is forthcoming.


After a 60-6 defeat by England of their opening match, nobody predicted Samoa going deep into the competitors. Few anticipated them to emerge victorious in opposition to the identical opposition in a dramatic semi-final on the Emirates Stadium final week. However, due to Stephen Crichton’s extra-time, golden level drop objective, they earned themselves a shot at glory at Outdated Trafford at the moment.

So why not go one higher of their first closing and win the entire thing? As a result of, because the realists amongst you’ll level out, Australia are aiming for a 3rd consecutive match victory and twelfth total. Technically they have not even missed a closing since 1957 (the ultimate of the inaugural occasion, in 1954, was contested by Nice Britain and France).

So the chances are stacked in opposition to Samoa and Kangaroos supporters, lots of whom might be up in any respect hours of the evening, feeling understandably assured. Do at the moment’s official underdogs have a greater likelihood of punching? Staff information and extra to come back.

Kick-off: 4pm UK time

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