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Martial arts legend Bruce Lee could have died from consuming an excessive amount of water, a examine suggests.

The Enter The Dragon star died aged 32 in Hong Kong in July 1973 after an post-mortem confirmed he died of cerebral oedema, or swelling of the mind, believed to be a response to a painkiller he had taken he had taken it.

A number of theories have been put ahead to clarify the star’s dying, together with assassination by Chinese language gangsters or that he died of warmth stroke.

Nonetheless, researchers have now steered that the edema that killed him could have been brought on by hyponatremia.

“In different phrases, we suggest that the kidneys’ lack of ability to take away extra water killed Bruce Lee,” the analysis staff wrote within the Scientific Kidney Journal.

They mentioned a number of elements steered he consumed massive quantities of water, similar to his spouse, Linda, referring to a liquid food plan together with carrot and apple juice, and his biographer, Matthew Polly, referring -repeatedly on the consumption of water on the day of his dying. even earlier than turning into visibly in poor health.

“We advise that the truth that water consumption was noticed repeatedly when it’s such an earthly exercise that it may need been forgotten given the distinctive circumstances implies that it was certainly considerably better than the consumption of different people current the day Lee died.” they wrote.

He additionally used hashish, which causes elevated thirst, and is understood to have taken the drug all through the day he died.

Different elements which will have contributed embody using prescribed drugs and alcohol.

‘Be water my good friend’

“In conclusion, we hypothesize that Bruce Lee died of a particular type of kidney dysfunction: the lack to excrete sufficient water to keep up water homeostasis, which is primarily a tubular perform,” the researchers mentioned.

“This may result in hyponatremia, cerebral edema, and dying inside hours if extra water consumption isn’t matched by urinary water excretion, which is in keeping with Lee’s timeline of dying.”

They added: “The truth that we’re 60% water doesn’t shield us from the possibly deadly penalties of consuming water at a quicker charge than our kidneys can excrete extra water.

“Satirically, Lee made the quote ‘Be water my good friend’ well-known, however an excessive amount of water appears to have killed him in the long run.”

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Controversy over the most recent portrayal

Lee was portrayed in Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 movie As soon as Upon A Time… In Hollywood by actor Mike Moh.

Lee’s daughter criticized the portrayal and known as Tarantino to apologize.

“He may shut up about it. That may be very nice,” Lee’s daughter, Shannon, instructed Selection.

“Or they may apologize, or they may say, ‘I do not actually know what Bruce Lee was like. I simply wrote it for my film. However that shouldn’t be taken as he actually was.’

Nonetheless, Tarantino addressed the controversy throughout an look on Joe Rogan’s podcast final yr, saying: “The place I am coming from I can perceive that his daughter has an issue with that. It is her goddamn father. Everybody else: Go. it sucks.”

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