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Real Madrid were able to silence the Chelsea threat in the first half but in the second 45 Ingle’s shot from a corner and Cuthbert’s worldie broke the Spanish team down. Real have lost their second match of the season and Chelsea continue on their unbeaten run from three group games in the Champions League.

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Oh my word what a screamer!

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Yes they can!

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So will we see a goal in this second half? Or is this first meeting between the clubs destined for a 0-0 deadlock? We will soon find out …

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There is the whistle! But Kerr is remaining on the floor after a foul, hopefully the striker is okay. She is not happy here. No goals yet and there could be more injury worry for Chelsea as Kerr and Reiten have taken hits.

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The action is underway at Kingsmeadow! Chelsea are on an unbeaten run but Real Madrid have only lost one match this season. A huge game for both clubs.

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Hello and welcome back to our Women’s Champions League coverage. This evening we will be treated to a European clash between Chelsea and Real Madrid.


Chelsea top Group A after registering two wins, against Paris Saint-Germain and Vllaznia, while Real Madrid trail just behind them with a win against Vllaznia and a draw with PSG. The English club have been impressive in the tournament with their last outing seeing an 8-0 result over Vllaznia. Striker Sam Kerr scored four goals, becoming the first player in the Women’s Champions League to score four in the group stage match.


The threat Chelsea will have to contain in the Real Madrid squad is Caroline Weir. Since signing for the Spanish club from Manchester City this summer she has gone from strength-to-strength. But can she down the Blues in their own back yard? We will find out from 8pm GMT.


The team news is out so stay tuned for all the updates.

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Vital occasions

Thanks for becoming a member of me this night For a cracking Champions League match! Ingle and Cuthbert’s strikes had been the distinction in a intently contested match. Learn Suzy Rick’s report beneath for all of the motion. The match continues tomorrow and you’ll be part of me for Juventus vs Arsenal. It has an 8pm GMT kick-off with the weblog beginning at 7pm. However for now have a pleasant night!

Listed below are the 2 scorersCuthbert says he’ll “relaxation and recuperate” and may’t look ahead to the subsequent recreation.


— Chelsea FC Ladies (@ChelseaFCW) November 23, 2022


It was a superb match filled with possibilities. And units up an awesome future rivalry between the 2 golf equipment. Remembering that these two met for the primary time at this time, their subsequent assembly will not be far-off and neither will Chelsea journey to Actual Madrid on December 8.

And here is the opener from Sophie Ingle.:

🇬🇧 🎙 👉  
🇪🇸 🎙 👉

— DAZN Soccer (@DAZNFootball) November 23, 2022


The second match that happened. Concurrently Chelsea vs. Actual Madrid was Roma vs. Wolfsburg. I introduced you the 1-1 half time rating and it stayed the identical at full time. The very best scoring matches of the day got here with PSG’s 5-0 win over Vllaznia and St Polten beat Slavia Praha 1-0.

Check out Erin Cuthbert. Absolutely the cry of the strike:

Erin Cuthbert DOUBLES Chelsea’s lead WITH A STUNNING GOAL 🚀#UWCL LIVE NOW ⬇️
🇬🇧 🎙 👉  
🇪🇸 🎙 👉

— DAZN Soccer (@DAZNFootball) November 23, 2022


Vibrant and Erickson embrace on the finish. his. It is price noting that Actual Madrid have solely been a workforce for just a few seasons however it’s clear that Chelsea knew the problem they offered to have a good time full-time.

FULL TIME: Chelsea 2-0 Actual Madrid

Actual Madrid managed to maintain quiet. Chelsea threatened within the first half however Ingle’s shot from a nook and Cuthbert’s worldly broke the Spanish workforce within the second 45. Actual have misplaced their second recreation of the season and Chelsea proceed their unbeaten run within the Champions League with three group video games.

90 minutes: Actual handle to get it by the field however Buchanan cuts the possibilities quick. A shot lands for Robles however Berger collects. Three minutes shall be added.

90 minutes: Chelsea are at the moment making an attempt to take their time on the ball and take Actual out of this recreation. James concedes a throw however Actual must do quite a bit to make this opportunity.

88 minutes: Chelsea do nicely to defend the throw and the hosts regain possession. James makes an awesome run and passes it to Charles whose shot hits the facet netting.

86 minutes: Kerr wins one other nook for Chelsea and Cuthbert is about to take it once more. The ball appeared destined for Ingle however it fell to the bottom, the referee gave it to Actual. Right here come the guests however Chelsea is evident, Charles does nicely to information us to throw and never for the nook. Actual make one other change as Zornoza is off for Tolletti. Gonzalez can be closed to Mueller.

84 minutes: Eriksen takes it and Chelsea are blissful to run it again on the midway line. Ingle comes by however the ensuing shot is collected by Mesa. Poor defensive play from Actual sees James again on the sting of the field. She goes in and Kathleen must clear the road! Jeez, Actual aren’t doing themselves any favors.

82 minutes: Actual make two extra adjustments with Olofsson off for Rozio and Olga Ann Garcia off. Kerr once more pressured Mesa with sluggish backplay and Eriksen received the throw.

80 minutes: Chelsea make one other change as Retten is off for Carter. Actual are in possession however you possibly can say it is recreation over for them now, until they’ll spark some spark within the final ten.

78 minutes: Chelsea are actually on the ball once more as they appear to bury this recreation. James goes to Charles and his cross virtually reaches Fleming, Robles does nicely to get out. The hosts have a nook. Cuthbert strikes in however Kerr is broad headed.

76 minutes: My mouth actually dropped open! Cuthbert crosses the ball however it simply goes into the highest nook. Perhaps she doesn’t suggest it however Blamey!

Erin Cuthbert’s cross/shot doubled Chelsea’s lead. Picture: Warren Little/Getty Pictures
Chelsea's Erin Cuthbert celebrates with teammate Millie Bright after scoring her team's second goal.
Cuthbert is congratulated by his colleague Millie Vibrant (proper). Picture: Harriet Lander/Chelsea FC/Getty Pictures

Aim! Chelsea 2-0 Actual Madrid (Cuthbert, 75′)

Oh my phrase what a screamer!

75 minutes: For the reason that submissions have come to actual life, they now have every part to lose and are taking extra dangers. Robles will get an awesome ball however Astor cannot get good contact. Cuthbert is holding her head once more after her newest defensive effort however is okay to proceed – presumably ought to be taken off as it’s the second time she has hit her head.

72 minutes: Weir takes the free-kick and it is a good cross however it would not meet his teammates. Kerr drives out making an attempt to hack the ball away however Chelsea finally clear their traces. Ingle offers away one other free kick this time and Weir is about to take it once more. It is a bit troublesome however Chelsea defend fairly nicely for now.

70 minutes: The objective brings the group to life, the chants and signatures are in full thunder! Actual react nicely to conceding, although, as they’re affected person with the ball and win a free-kick as James is booked for a foul on Suva.

68 minutes: Cuthbert takes the nook, Vibrant takes a contact and it is onto the pinnacle of Ingle who crashes into the underside left nook. A terrific second for the Welsh worldwide!

Aim! Chelsea 1-0 Actual Madrid (Ingle, 67′)

Sure they’ll!

Chelsea's Sophie Ingle celebrates scoring the opening goal.
Chelsea’s Sophie Ingle celebrates scoring the opening objective. Picture: Zach Goodwin/PA

67 minutes: The tempo of the sport has slowed down and Chelsea are taking part in from the again. Each groups have good persistence on the ball however neither managed to search out the ultimate scientific contact. Chelsea win one other nook, can they lastly use it to their benefit?

65 minutes: Possession is altering arms rapidly however Chelsea win a nicely positioned throw, it comes into the field however is cleared. A objective would not really feel inevitable proper now.

63 minutes: Retain unique possession however are pressured again into their very own half. Chelsea wrestled it again and Cuthbert made a superb go to Retten. The ball rolls across the workforce once more they usually lose it with a go to Retin. Actual made their first change when Feller got here on for Suva.

61 minutes: James had a superb battle with Weir in midfield and received possession. It runs by the workforce and it involves Retten who boots it into the field. Mesa collects however Kerr was near main it residence.

59 minutes: Erickson stays on the ground however is okay to proceed. The captain takes a free kick from the foul and she or he cuts it quick as they appear to go on strike. Cuthbert crosses however it’s too excessive and it is out of play.

57 minutes: Cuthbert’s effort within the field is maddeningly cleared by Actual. Chelsea have made some adjustments with James and Fleming persevering with for Kirby and Conrad. There’s a big cheer for James as he enters the pitch. Yellow card for Esther as Eriksson is challenged.

55 minutes: Olga will get a contact within the field however Vibrant clears, Actual have one other probability to assault with Feller’s shot straight at Berger. Chelsea are slowly shifting up the sector, they might want to strike quickly.

53 minutes: As quickly as I say one membership is in possession the opposite take it again! It’s harmful to defend in opposition to Berger who punches in Feller’s cross however not too far. The ensuing shot goes out for a nook, Berger punches in once more and Actual are forward as soon as once more! Vibrant have one other probability to go away however the guests are once more constructing from their very own half.

Chelsea goalkeeper Anne-Catherine Berger cleared the ball for a corner.
Chelsea goalkeeper Anne-Catherine Berger cleared the ball for a nook. Picture: Zach Goodwin/PA

51 minutes: Kerr pressures Mesa and it really works because the keeper forces him besides and concedes the throw-in. It involves Buchanan who’s constructing from deep however Cannread runs him out of play. Chelsea received it rapidly.

49 minutes: Actual construct for some time however Robles’ go to Feller goes out of play. Kerr has some good footwork and units up Chelsea’s newest assault. Retain wins one other nook and can certainly take a while on it this time. Cuthbert takes it and it is bundled out of the field, the hosts have extra possibilities however no targets … but.

47 minutes: Retain has not been modified at half-time and no adjustments have been made to both facet. Chelsea have an early nook and take it rapidly, Cuthbert thunders it over however Mesa collects once more.

Proceed again! Chelsea 0-0 Actual Madrid

So will we see any targets on this second half? Or is this primary assembly between the golf equipment destined for a 0-0 impasse? We are going to quickly discover out…

The second match is occurring now. Few targets had been seen between Roma and Wolfsburg with the half-time rating 1-1. Roma opened the scoring by Giacinti however Pajor had an equaliser.

Are you holding updated with our weekly girls’s soccer publication? This week is all in regards to the Mexican league and the way Membership Tigres UANL is rising its fan base. Learn it beneath and subscribe to get the publication in your inbox:

Kerr was capable of stroll off the pitch. Willy Jo is good to see, even taking a bit of get up name within the altering room so she’ll be okay to proceed on this confrontation.

Half time: Chelsea 0-0 Actual Madrid

The whistle is on! However Kerr stays on the ground after the foul, hoping the striker is OK. He’s not blissful right here. No targets but and there could possibly be extra harm issues for Chelsea as Kerr and Retain have scored.

45 + 5 min: It comes however Vibrant clears it, the half-time whistle cannot be far-off now.

45 + 4 min: Seems like an ankle downside for Retin, she’s again on her toes however she’s not blissful on the pitch. She is again on the pitch, I would not be stunned if she comes on at half-time. Actual Olga wins a nook, can they rating?

45 + 2 min: Feller has the ball on the sting of the field however Eriksen does nicely to cease the cross. Retin is down now, having damage himself on this newest defensive effort.

45 minutes: Three minutes shall be added.

45 minutes: Chelsea have a throw in a superb place and this could possibly be the final probability to interrupt the impasse, though Actual maintain it out and the possibilities of the half are certainly over.

43 minutes: The kick is available in and appears to overlook everybody however Vibrant appears to shoot a shot that is astray. Canneryd slipped into the field in an awesome place and Chelsea had been very near discovering the opener!

41 minutes: Charles’s throw meets Kerr’s head however the contact is simply too excessive and it is out for a objective kick. Chelsea win a nook of their newest assault. Serena Wegman can be within the crowd tonight.

39 minutes: Cuthbert is again on his toes and appears like he is wonderful to proceed.

37 minutes: Distinctive is the phrase to explain this half of soccer. There’s one other breather within the recreation as Cuthbert is down once more, this time trying like he is collided with an actual participant. His head is in his heads on the bottom, hope he is okay.

36 minutes: Actual are opening up Chelsea’s protection and it comes from Weir. Actual gamers had been screaming for a free kick on the sting of the field after Vibrant received the ball again however the referee performed on. Cuthbert seems to be injured right here after fouling Zornozza however the Scotland worldwide is okay to proceed.

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