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A result that will not resound as globally as Saudi Arabia beating Argentina but Tunisia celebrated that with gusto. They deserved their point, giving their all, and not without danger on the attack. Denmark lacked a cutting edge and were put off their stride, they were also denied a penalty late on, a couple, in fact. Instead, VAR’s screen of doom was shown short shrift by the Mexican referee, and Tunisia got the point they deserve. That lived up to the description of an entertaining goalless draw.

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90+4 min: Hang on…what’s this? VAR called into action. The handball that took place ages ago is seen on screen, a penalty looks likely, and then the ref goes to the screen and waves it away. Told you he was no fan of VAR. Unprecedented scenes. César Arturo Ramos, for it is he, you old renegade, you.

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That’s been a decent half, full of Tunisian energy, and Denmark frustrated. It took a Kasper Schmeichel save to keep it level at the break. The Danes will feel the bruises, and be deafened by the noise from the North African fans.

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Denmark: Kasper Schmeichel, Joakim Andersen, Simon Kjaer (c), Andreas Christensen, Joakim Maehle, Pierre-Emil Hojbjerg, Thomas Delaney, Christian Eriksen, Andreas Skov Olsen, Kasper Dolberg, Rasmus Kristensen


Tunisia: Aymen Dahmen, Ali Abdi, Montassar Talbi, Yassine Meriah, Dylan Bronn, Mohamed Draeger, Aissa Laidouni, Ellyes Skhiri, Anis Ben Slimane, Youssef Msakni (c), Issam Jembali

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We Premier League viewers are used to seeing him back playing but Christian Eriksen’s return to a major tournament stage is surely a moment. It was less than 18 months ago that his collapse and cardiac arrest brought Euro 2020 to a halt, and his return to top-level football is one of the game’s good news stories. And he is a member of a rather handy Denmark team, one that did just fine without him, becoming one of Europe’s best. They won nine of 10 qualifying games for this tournament, scoring 30 and conceding three, and reached the Nations League semis.


Eriksen’s supporting cast, who reached Euros semis without him, is full of quality, from Kasper Schmeichel to Kasper Dolberg. And they are a team who have shown a humanitarian edge, Hummel removed from their shirt, training in black, and it remains to seen if there is a gesture of the type Fifa is threatening sanctions on.


Their opponents? Tunisia are in their sixth World Cup finals, and have ambitions to reach the knockouts. With a number of their players playing in Qatar, they should be acclimatised to the surroundings, and will make it tough for the Danes with the defensive formation that Jalel Kadri usually selects for decent opposition. Youssef Msakni is their key man though Sunderland legend Wahbi Khazri and Manchester United loanee Hannibal Mejbri may make appearances.


Kick-off is 1pm UK time at the Education City Stadium


Join me.

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Vital occasions

Bogdan Kotorlik is in contact with: “Saudi Arabia received earlier immediately, Tunisia drew in opposition to an excellent Danish group, I believe the non-European groups enjoying right here in Qatar have improved over the previous couple of years? Or possibly it is just a few good performances. , and later these groups might be soundly defeated by the Europeans?

On this impunity, from my honorable colleague Philip Cornwall: “I do not suppose there was a penalty name for handball, however for Denmark pushing a Tunisian beforehand. So it restarted with a Tunisian free kick. Jensen arm within the again. Holds and pushes somebody. No. 11, earlier than the ball arrives: Taha Kheni. Why the restart with a Tunisian free kick?

On ITV, Renterf Peter Walton rants about not having a handball. He’ll most likely change his opinion later, as is his method, in accordance with occasions.

Full-time: Denmark 0-0 Tunisia

A outcome that may not resonate globally as Saudi Arabia beat Argentina however Tunisia celebrated with gusto. They deserved their say, giving their all, and never with out danger of assault. Denmark had a key lapse and had been held again of their stride, the truth is, even denied a few late penalties. As a substitute, the VAR display screen of doom was briefly proven by the Mexican referee, and Tunisia obtained the spot they deserved. It lived as much as the outline of an entertaining goalless draw.

All sq. on the ultimate whistle. Photograph: Hasan Ammar/AP

90+8 minutes: Sure, he drags it out however extra clumsiness from Cornelius leads to a Tunisian free kick. In fact it’s, and it’s. A well-known draw, a degree effectively received by Tunisia.

90+6 minutes: Tunisia now clinging, it could be a well-known, and deserved, level, they’ve a minimum of yet one more nook to return. Eriksen will take, and the Tunisian keeper claims. Nicely carried out, him.

VAR known as into motion – Denmark penalty denied!

90+4 minutes: Wait… what’s that? VAR was known as into motion. A handball from years in the past seems on the display screen, a possible penalty seems, after which the referee goes to the display screen and waves it. Informed you he is not a fan of VAR. Unparalleled views. Cesar Arturo Ramos, as a result of that is what it’s, you previous insurgent, you.

VAR says no.
VAR says no. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Pictures

90+2 minutes: Getting tough now, and Dahmen slides in to attempt to block a nook, however cannot. The ball was caught underneath Cornelius’ ft. Handball appeals to the Danes. Once more, no VAR was known as.

90 minutes: Ledoni was embraced by all of the Tunisian crew, in a single hell of a match.

Solely added 5 minutes. FIFA is robbing us of bonus soccer when this half is oversubscribed, is not it?

88 minutes: Damsgaard will get a break as he will get the ball however Cornelius is overwhelmed and knocked over. Tunisia made one other likelihood, two of them. Draeger and Ledoni, trying drained since their solo run, depart, and Sassy and Cacharida depart.

86 minutes: Reserving for Khenisey, who rams into Jensen.

84 minutes: Hannibal takes the ball and the person – Maehle – out on the touchline. Doing nothing however watching him intently. The referee, who does not like VAR a lot, reveals full disinterest.

83 minutes: Jensen needed to return the ball to Schmeichel as Hannibal gave chase.

80 minutes: Big cheers from the Tunisian followers – seems like the house followers – for a double substitution. Two veteran strikers in Jebali and Masakani, Hannibal and Taha Yassin for Khinisee.

I love it when a project comes together.  Hannibal arrives for Tunis.
I like it when a undertaking comes collectively. Hannibal arrives for Tunis. Photograph: Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Pictures

79 minutes: Tunisia seems to be drained, and so does Denmark. And if the referee follows FIFA’s guidelines, there’s most likely nonetheless 20 minutes left to play.

77 minutes: Cornelius and the excessive ball appear to be the brand new tactic for Denmark. If it could actually work for Kiefer Moore and Wells, why not? Jensen is booked for a foul on a rushing slaty.

75 minutes: Cornelius holds the ball down a channel however finds no associate. Jensen geese however then cannot get his shot on track. Hannibal, the Manchester United child, may very well be imminent. The Tunisian crowd appears to suppose so.

73 minutes: Casper Jumand seems to be offended on the bench. It has been match but it surely should be disappointing to be concerned.

71 minutes: Tunisia need a penalty, the ball comes off Anderson’s naturally positioned hand. He was shut so there was no penalty. VAR did not see it, the ref waved it off. Lengthy protests. Replay of the Cornelius incident: He ought to have scored…however did not.

Hand Anderson?
Hand Anderson? Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Pictures

70 minutes: The nook results in chaos, Christensen heads over and the ball is heading over the road, all he wants is Cornelius to faucet in, and he fails to take action.

Oh, he has to score!
Oh, he has to attain! Photographer: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

69 minutes: These adjustments are taking some time to show round, the sport is a bit shapeless, and Eriksen, coming into the center, has an opportunity to shoot from the sting of the field. Dahmen makes save.

67 minutes: Tunisia sub: Suleiman off, and Naeem Saletti comes on.

65 minutes: Right here it comes. Kajar takes off, and he palms the armband to Brentford’s Jensen. Cardiff legend Cornelius on, for Dolberg. Lindstrom, a Europa League winner with Eintracht, for Skov Olsen. And with that comes a rejig, possibly three backs and a flood of defenses.

Simon Kajer giving Christian Eriksen the rainbow arm.
Simon Kajier passes. Rainbow Armband to Christian Eriksen. Photograph: Lawrence Griffiths/Getty Pictures

63 minutes: It seems to be like a triple change is about to occur in Denmark.

61 minutes: The ball went again in direction of a Danish nook. Eriksen skids the ball over Anderson however Tunisia clears.

59 minutes: Tunisia do not work, they usually attempt to assault, their followers roaring all over the place. A hardly ever seen “Olé” at 0-0.

57 minutes: Maehle reveals off his ability, creating house for Damsgaard to whip within the ball. Dahman’s objective flopped in Tunisia, and it seems to be like Denmark might see a method by way of. Dolberg was there to take the flick however Skof Olsen did not learn the flight of the ball.

55 minutes: Denmark get the ball into the online after a protracted ricochet session, Skoff Olsson makes the save, however the play is dominated an offside.

Skoff Olsson has the ball in the back of the net.  Offside, oh my.
Skoff Olsson has the ball behind the online. Offside, oh my. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Pictures

54 minutes: Yann Dury is again with this full jungle squad(ish):

Squad Gamers:
– Brian Johnson (Wales)
– Nico Williams (Wales)
– Wayne Hennessy (Wales)
– Freyler (Switzerland)
– Kouyaté (Senegal)

Gamers on mortgage:
– Laria (Toronto/Canada)
– Dragon (Dunno / Tunisia)
– Aguilera (Dunno / Not that one / Costa Rica)
– Hwang Ui-jo (Olymiakos / South Korea)
– Horvath (Luton/USA!!)

53 minutes: Bruin, the middle again, has a shot, and retreats. Is there a wall of noise? Solomon’s nook is cleared.

51 minutes: Damsgaard is on the sector so as to add further creativity and carry the ball, however he’s surrounded by Tunisia’s defenders, who maintain the road. After which the ball breaks to Ledoni, who’s distant, however not assured in himself, or in his power. Then Draeger ends. After this run, Lydoni is bent double in exhaustion. Not even the power of the gang can cease him from feeling drained.

49 minutes: Tunisia’s protection is powerful, and it seems like one thing particular is required.

47 minutes: Denmark rapidly concede a nook, as Tunisia go to Bang KB once more. It has been cleared however the time attracts close to when Denmark should select its opponents. At this level, they’re nonetheless swinging round.

Here we go into the second half.
Right here we go into the second half. Photograph: Michael Regan/FIFA/Getty Pictures

46 minutes: And we’re again… can the Tunisians stick with it?

Some emails.

Kari Tulinius: “I am stunned at how a lot creativeness the Danes lack. A group of this high quality should not be sending in speculative crosses from deep within the first half. I believe Jalil Qadri might be fairly pleased with the way in which the match goes. will

Gregory Phillips: “All of the concentrate on the gamers backtracking has made us momentarily neglect the purpose, I believe, that FIFA is the villain right here. Infantino is a joke, besides he is not humorous. Not on goal. Anyway, and even the unintentionally ridiculous nature of his “administration” of this occasion is tough to snicker at given how many individuals are harm. Sorry, I am most likely pissed off that somebody throughout Mexico-Poland took my time. A gathering has been scheduled collectively. What’s the fault of the individuals?”

Yan Dory: “5 from the PL squad and one other 5 who’re on mortgage. 5 of them had been on the whole group sheet (for 3 groups in two matches).

Their names…

Have some halftime squares.

Half time: Denmark 0-0 Tunisia

It was a good half, with Tunisia filled with power, and Denmark annoyed. It took a save from Kasper Schmeichel to maintain it degree on the break. The Danes will really feel the accidents, and the North Africans might be deafened by the noise of the followers.

45+4 minutes: In fact we get some further time. However that is it for the primary half.

45+3 minutes: Denmark have a good, inside proper place, Eriksson has a free kick within the space. It enters, and one of many towers of Tunis goes backwards.

45+1 min: We solely had 4 minutes added, which felt much less like a match. Delaney is being saved on the sidelines.

45 minutes: Giambali shoves Anderson, and one way or the other escapes the reserving. It seems to be like Thomas Delaney might be gone. His day is completed, and in comes Brentford’s Mikel Damsgaard, though he has but to make a lot of an impression in west London. Delaney gave the impression to be holding his hamstring. oh

43 minutes: too shut! It regarded the identical. Giambali was by way of, and Schmeichel, one-on-one, one way or the other blocked the ball heading in direction of the objective. It reminded him a lot of his father’s starfish… It was an exquisite save, genetics in motion.

Gimbali must score!
Gimbali should rating! Photograph: François-Xavier Marit/AFP/Getty Pictures

41 minutes: Hjoberg, sure, needs a penalty for a foul on Laidouni. No cube. In the meantime, Thomas Delaney has an issue. And slowly involves his ft.

Thomas Delaney went down wounded.
Thomas Delaney went down wounded. Photograph: Adam Fairly/FIFA/Getty Pictures

39 minutes: Slimani takes a nook for Tunisia after plenty of hustling, and it falls to the person Ledoni, who sees the glory and blasts it simply vast. He has been the very best, Ferencvaros participant.

Right here is our profile from our interactive.

Warriors in Tunisia’s midfield. Laïdouni personifies the Tunisian “granta” – grit and willpower. A combative box-to-box runner, nice at tackling, he arrived in Qatar this winter to turn into his nation’s breakout star. It’s clear that his days in Hungary are numbered, with main European golf equipment monitoring his progress. He has beforehand spoken about his ambitions to step up: “I actually like England and Germany. These are the 2 championships that actually excite me … I simply have to present my finest in each match. IS: I am all the time attempting to maneuver ahead. However there is not any present in soccer. So you have to get forward of your self and by no means cease working. That is my focus: I need to hold that momentum going. Is.

37 minutes: Ledoni, who has been the person of the sport to date, makes an attempt a go. Tunisia have come shut on a couple of events to ship the ultimate ball.

35 minutes: Danish occupation is now dominant. Tunisia is all the time bending backwards.

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