I am a Dermatologist and You are Shaking Backside Backside Unsuitable – Here is What You Ought to Be Doing

HAIR removing generally is a ache – particularly down there.

With the tough angles it’s simple to overlook a bit, and you’ll by no means obtain the outcomes you need.


Shaving is a well-liked option to do away with undesirable hair, however specialists have stated there are some issues you need to keep away from when reaching for a razorCredit score: Alamy

That is as a result of hair removing across the bikini space is definitely tougher than the remainder of the physique, says Dr. Jinah Yoo, Harley Road’s main dermatologist.

Chatting with The Solar, he’s liable for the truth that the pores and skin is a bit more delicate in that space.

“The hair tends to be just a little curlier, and coarse in texture, this makes the realm extra liable to hair loss and excessive irritation,” she stated.

Dr Yoo, who works with Revitacare UK, stated if you’re selecting to shave down moderately than choosing a hair removing cream or wax, there are particular issues you need to be conscious of. ‘ do.

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She advised Solar Well being: “Shaving is the preferred methodology of hair removing, however this needs to be performed with care.

“It is vitally necessary that you simply first trim the realm of ​​additional hair.

“Then, I recommend you moist the hair with heat water. If you’re shaving within the bathe, you possibly can merely stand underneath the bathe for a couple of minutes to let the steam clear the hair and pores and skin earlier than you shave.

“This helps take away any micro organism, and permits for a better and extra correct shave, which means much less threat of razor bumps or burns.”

Dr Salome Sharamshi, dermatologist and founding father of Sky Clinic stated that you should watch out when shaving your nether areas.

It is necessary to put money into a tool particularly for the bikini space to keep away from ingrown hairs and pores and skin irritation, she stated.

She stated you need to at all times exfoliate earlier than shaving – as it will assist forestall ingrown hairs.

“Use a topical exfoliator or loofah in round motions to softly exfoliate the realm,” says Dr. Sharamshi.

What to keep away from

On the subject of method, Dr. Yoo stated that is key, however he stated there are some you need to steer clear of.

She stated you need to keep away from the temptation to tug at your pores and skin, as this might result in unhealthy cuts.

“Some individuals prefer to lie down, however you need to at all times attempt to stand the place attainable whereas shaving – not solely is it simpler to see what you does, nevertheless it’s a extra pure setting for the pores and skin.”

It is at all times a great observe to make use of a shaving cream to guard and hydrate the pores and skin whereas avoiding irritation, Dr. Yoo stated.

“When it comes to path, it is crucial that you simply ‘go together with the grain’ which means shave within the path your hair grows. It is a lot prettier, and once more it saves any irritation .

“Conversely shaving may be tremendous in much less delicate areas, such because the legs however for the bikini line, you need to at all times shave as your hair grows naturally,” stated Dr. Yoo.

One factor individuals are likely to neglect, she stated, is to vary the razor blade often.

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“It is suggested that you simply change your blade after about seven shaves.

“In case your razor is outdated, the blade itself could also be uninteresting, so you will not have the ability to obtain a detailed shave, the blade additionally harbors micro organism, which might disturb the fragile PH ranges in your intimate areas,” she stated.

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