New analysis claims ingesting an excessive amount of water killed Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee statue

Bruce Lee statue
Picture: MN Chan (Getty Pictures)

50 years since his dying Bruce Lee, a staff of researchers is taking a second have a look at the trigger. Though Lee’s official reason for dying is the results of cerebral edema, or swelling of the mind, what this new analysis suggests is that he might not have. A analysis paper from Scientific Journal of Kidney suggest that “kidney’s lack of ability to take away extra water killed Bruce Lee.

Lee had a number of danger elements for hyponatremia, which can have included chronically excessive fluid consumption, elements that acutely improve thirst (marijuana), and elements that lower the kidney’s potential to excrete water both by selling antidiuretic hormone (ADH) secretion, both by interfering with water. mechanisms of renal tubular excretion: pharmaceuticals (diuretics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, opioids, antiepileptic medicine), alcohol, chronically low solute consumption, historical past of acute kidney damage, and train.

The idea is not any worse than many others about Lee’s mysterious dying, together with one previous household curseassassinated by japanese mafia, and poisoning. Others blame the aspirin he took it to alleviate a headache shortly earlier than his dying. However, per selectionthe e book 2018 Bruce Lee, A Life blamed warmth exhaustion as a result of extreme warmth in Hong Kong that day. selection maintain going:

The research hypothesized that though he had not consumed an enormous quantity of water, his kidneys weren’t capable of deal with even regular quantities of fluid. As well as, he apparently had an virtually liquid weight-reduction plan, largely juices.

Lastly, the paper blames the kidneys dysfunction that may result in “hyponatremiacerebral edemaand dying inside hours if extra water consumption will not be matched by urinary water excretion, which is according to Lee’s timeline of dying.”

Provided that hyponatremia is frequent, present in as much as 40% of hospitalized people, and may trigger dying from extreme water consumption even in wholesome younger people, there’s a want for wider dissemination of the idea that extreme water consumption water can kill. The truth that we’re 60% water doesn’t shield us from the possibly deadly penalties of ingesting water quicker than our kidneys can take away extra water.

The irony of ingesting water to tackle cinema’s best fighter was not misplaced on students who famous, “Mockingly, Lee made the quote ‘Be water my pal’ well-known.” however the extra of water appears to have killed eventually.” No must pour salt on the wound.

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