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Jacks will be annoyed with himself. He goes down to slog sweep a loopier delivery but doesn’t catch all of it and he watches as Nawaz takes a good catch down by his ankles at cow corner. Still, a contribution of 44 from 22 balls is a solid debut knock. Qadir might be expensive but he gets wickets and that’s an important one.

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What a game. Malan just reverse swept a good ball for four and then he’s heading back to the shed after toe-ending a half tracker straight to the man at deep midwicket. A filthy wicket but they all count.

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Salt tries to smash this into a different state but only catches a top edge. It flies into the muggy Karachie air and three fielders converge on it. For a moment it looked as if they’d run into each other. Nawaz clings on though despite Hasnain almost getting in his way. Either way, Salt has to go.

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Unsurprising, after his heroics last time out, Babar gets the coin flip and chooses to chase again. His team is unchanged from their win last night.


Moeen would have bowled first as well but says he’s “not too disappointed” to front up with the bat. Three changes for England. Jacks, as we said, makes his debut. Mark Wood is back! That’s right folks. Sound the alarm. The quick man is back! One more change sees Reece Topley in the side.

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Hello and welcome to the live OBO report of the 3rd T20 international between Pakistan and England from Karachi. We’re all square in the series after Alex Hales bashed a breezy half century on his return match to get things going for the tourists before Babar Azam unfurled a majestic ton in an unbeaten opening stand of 203 to get the hosts on the scoresheet in emphatic fashion.


It’s been a fascinating match-up with England ably skippered by Moeen Ali, who told our man Andy Bull that he’s proud to lead his country:

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It’s not just the England players who are making waves in Pakistan. A couple of English coaches have cast their gaze around 3,875 miles east. You can read all about that from our head honcho Ali Martin over here:

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If you’re so inclined, and you don’t mind a bit of self indulgence on my part, you can take a gander at this week’s Spin column. In it I examine the ramifications of a new T20 franchise tournament, crammed into an already stuffed calendar, and why a national team captain has been forced to watch on from the outside.

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Those three pieces should keep you occupied for now. I’ll be back with the toss and team reports in around 30 minutes (unless of course you get in touch with an email or tweet).


First ball is at 7:30pm local time/3:30pm BST.


Catch you in a few.

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Vital occasions

Wicket! Jacques 40 c Nawaz b Qadir 40 (England 82-3)

Jax might be indignant with himself. He goes down to comb the slog on a loopier supply however would not catch all of it and appears on as Nawaz takes a superb catch along with his ankle at cow nook. Nonetheless, a 22-ball 44 is a stable debut innings. Qadir could also be costly however he takes wickets and that is a crucial one.

Eighth over: England 77-2 (Jacks 40, Duckett 12) A comparatively uneventful over with no boundaries however six singles. Nawaz can have no objection. England are cantering alongside and it prevents issues from touching.

I am not going to truth test that.

Will Jacks’ 38* is (most likely) the best males’s worldwide rating in Pakistan for a batter born in Chertsey, Surrey since Ashley Giles’ 37* at Lahore in 2000

— Mark Puttick (@GryllidaeC) September 23, 2022


Will Jacks’ 38* is (most likely) the best males’s worldwide rating by a Chertsey, Surrey-born batsman since Ashley Giles’ 37* at Lahore in 2000.

— Mark Potick (@GryllidaeC) September 23, 2022

Seventh over: England 71-2 (Jacks 37, Duckett 9) 4-w-4. It was an important begin to Usman Qadir’s opening over, with Malan reverse-sweeping the boundary after which getting out within the deep. Ben Duckett was greeted on the crease with one other half-tracker however he discovered the hole and it stayed on the bottom to get off the mark with a boundary. Two singles from each the batsmen meant Duct was on strike to shut the over and he tickled it properly for the third 4 of the set.

Wicket! Malan J Ali B Qadir 14 (England 61-2)

What a sport. Malan reverse-sweeps only one good supply for 4 after which he is heading again to the shed after ending a straight half-tracker at deep midwicket. A grimy wicket however all of them rely.

Ali is a fan. When you’re asking me (and nobody has), I am not. Name me quaint however I really like sporting my nationwide groups. right Colours Though I really like the pink quantity that South Africa wore for the sequence in opposition to Australia within the mid-90s.

Pakistan’s package is 👌🏻

— Ali Martin (@Cricket_Ali) September 23, 2022


Sixth over: England 57-1 (Jacks 36, Milan 10) Oh, additional zip from the floor. The bumper digs right into a bumper and it slides at a price. Milan does properly to get right down to it. It has wheels, he assures. I really like this. He strays twice, as soon as with an overstep and the opposite with a leg-side extensive, however he is displaying a willingness to get within the steam and rip it. Jax is up for it. He offers himself room and claps by the covers with flowers. He tries to log off the over with the identical shot however Durhamari bowls slowly and deceives the batsman. It additionally goes for 4, however an ethical victory for the bowler.

Fifth over: England 45-1 (Jakes 27, Milan 8) A change in bowling and Haris Rauf entered the scene. His right-arm stays clear till Jacks manages to muscle it in with a dig at a full ball and a drive previous the bowler for 4. Nice shot. His subsequent boundary is a line and is helped by some comical fielding on the leg facet. Jacks diving in the direction of mid-wicket after which dribbles throughout the hack and trickles to the boundary.

4th over: England 36-1 (James 19, Milan 8) Babar ends the early experiment of spin and brings Shahnawaz Durmani into the assault. He bowled Milan over the legs final evening however this primary ball is extensive exterior the off stump. Malan throws a hand at it and a thick edge takes it to the deep third boundary. Durmani corrects his line and Malan can not help himself and insists on it. He’s fortunate {that a} good size lifter would not catch the sting. He’s extra assured along with his hips and hits threes by mid-wicket. Jax additionally takes a deep third from 4 however the place was the slip? Pakistan could remorse it. It would not matter, the over ends with a boundary down the bottom from Jacques. 15 within the over.

third over: England 21-1 (Jakes 11, Milan 1) Jax was on strike after the batters crossed (I believe this rule will change quickly) and he will get a single with a pat and a run. A large and new batsman Dawood Malan is off the mark with a dub at deep third, however in any other case it is a good cluster for Hasnain as he will get an early wicket.

Wicket! Salt c Nawaz b Hasnain 8 (England 18-1)

Salt tries to interrupt it into a distinct place however solely grabs the highest edge. It flies into the Karachi air and three fielders collect at it. For a second it appeared as if they might crash into one another. Nawaz clings to him regardless of Hasnain nearly getting in his method. Both method, the salt has to go.

No, after you. Regardless of Hasnain’s greatest efforts, Nawaz took the catch. Picture: Alex Davidson/Getty Photographs

2nd over: England 18-0 (Salt 8, Jacks 10) Spin with the brand new ball however Salt would not thoughts as he peppers the cow nook boundary with Mohammad Nawaz’s first supply. Namak makes use of his legs and takes a large of lengthy off. Jax registers one other single and Salt does the identical with a chip in the direction of leg. Jax then drags it to lengthy leg to finish the over. There isn’t any nice set from the Pakistan workplace.

1st over: England 7-0 (Salt 2, Jacks 5) Mohammad Hasnain has the ball and desires to raise it into the block gap. His first two balls are squeezed behind sq. for a few singles, which signifies that Will Jacks has scored his first run in worldwide cricket. Namak takes one other single with a push in the direction of mid-off. Hasnain pulls his size again a contact and goes for one to go away Jacks behind however the opener is unfazed. He whips the final ball up and over midwicket for 4. Good begin for the younger man.

OK then. Gamers are getting out.. Pakistan in blue (that is blue), England in pink, nationwide colours are irrelevant, we’re all prepared to affix in. Have to be scrumptious.

[Eye emoji] It’s truly provocative.

A pair that may pull off any chase 💪 #PAKvENG

— ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) September 23, 2022


How about XIs?

Pakistan: Muhammad Rizwan (wicket), Babar Azam (c), Haider Ali, Shan Masood, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khushdil Shah, Muhammad Nawaz, Shahnawaz Durmani, Muhammad Hasnain, Haris Rauf, Usman Qadir

England: Phil Salt (wk), Will Jacques, David Mullan, Ben Duckett, Harry Brook, Moeen Ali (c), Sam Curran, Liam Dawson, Adil Rashid, Mark Wooden, Reece Topley.

Pakistani openers are on high. Pakistan’s high run scorer in T20 cricket within the final two years. Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam are on high. They’re additionally ranked first and fourth respectively within the ICC rankings. Cooking Pot

Pakistan received the toss and bowled first.

Unsurprisingly, after his bravery one final time, Babur flips the coin and chooses to offer chase once more. His staff is unchanged from their win final evening.

Moeen used to bowl however says he’s “not too determined” for batting. Three adjustments in England Jacques, as we stated, makes his debut. Mark Wooden is again! That is proper people. Sound the alarm. Hurry man is again! One other change sees Reece Topley on his facet.

Will Jacks will make his debut.. Based on ESPNCricinfo’s Matt Ruler, it is going to Jacks. A 23-year-old off-spinning batsman from Surrey. What every week it has been for the south London membership. Having received the County Championship with an emphatic win over Yorkshire, he has one more England cap for a teenager.

Somebody’s getting a brand new hat.

Alex Hales and David Willey haven’t travelled to the Nationwide Stadium tonight. England about to current a cap

— Matt Curler (@mroller98) September 23, 2022


Alex Hales and David Willey didn’t make the journey to the Nationwide Stadium tonight. England is the hat-taker.

— Matt Curler (@mroller98) September 23, 2022


Daniel Gallen

Daniel Gallen

Whats up and welcome Dwell OBO Report of third T20 Worldwide between Pakistan and England We’re all sq. within the sequence from Karachi as Alex Hales hit a blistering half-century within the return leg to get issues going for the vacationers earlier than Babar Azam’s sensible century in an unbeaten opening stand of 203 gave the hosts a lift. Delivered on the rating sheet in model. Trend

It was an fascinating match with England led by Moeen Ali, who advised our man Andy Bull that he was proud to steer his nation:

It isn’t solely England gamers who’re waving in Pakistan. A pair of English coaches set their sights some 3,875 miles to the east. You possibly can examine it from our head Ali Martin right here:

When you’re so inclined, and you do not thoughts slightly self-indulgence on my half, you may think about this week’s spin column. In it I look at the influence of a brand new T20 franchise match, added to an already packed calendar, and why the nationwide staff captain has been compelled to look at from the skin.

These three items ought to hold you busy for now. I will be again in about half-hour with the toss and staff reviews (except you’ve got despatched an e-mail or Tweet).

On the primary ball. 7:30pm native time/3:30pm BST.

Some will catch you.

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