Pokémon GO: Remodeling Cosmoem into Solgaleo and Lunala

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An ongoing Particular Analysis Mission within the type of “A Cosmic Companion” appeared in The Season of Gentle, the ultimate season of Pokémon GO. This analysis begins with gaining you a Cosmog Pokémon and turns it into an opportunity to rework it into Solgaleo or Lunala, one of many two Era VII legends.

Not like a daily evolution, Cosmoem has the power to evolve into any of those myths, so if there is a explicit evolution you are after, it is vital to know beneath what situations the evolution ought to happen.

We have put collectively the information beneath to let the variations in evolution techniques and what you should do to make your Cosmoem change into the legendary you want.

Pokémon GO – Remodeling Cosmoem into Solgaleo and Lunala

Remodeling Cosmoem into considered one of its two types is just a little trickier than it normally is in Pokémon evolutions. Essential for each outcomes is to be very cautious whenever you evolve; daytime play an vital position in whether or not you pack a Solgaleo or a Lunala.

Each outcomes for evolution require that you’ve got collected a specific amount of Cosmog Sweet earlier than something occurs. That is why we have defined the right way to get them, earlier than we go into the small print of reworking Cosmoem into considered one of his legendary variations.

Methods to purchase Cosmog Sweet

Pokémon GO Candy
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Cosmog Sweet may be fairly onerous to seek out, and creating sufficient of it’s the largest problem in legendary evolution. Presently, Sweet may be present in three alternative ways: finishing Analysis Quests, getting fortunate with a Uncommon Sweet, or strolling with Cosmog/Cosmoem as your Buddy (thanks, Eurogamer).

The primary of those approaches will get you the best quantity of Cosmog Sweet directly. It may be obtained by finishing Step 8 of the Season of Gentle’s Particular Analysis Quest ‘A Cosmic Companion’, which requires you to catch any three Pokémon. Completion rewards will get you 50 Cosmog Candies, 3000 XP, and 1500 Stardust.

Uncommon Sweet is one other method and is beneficial in conditions like these the place Cosmog Sweet is comparatively onerous to achieve. Providing a Uncommon Sweet to a Pokémon will flip it into the required merchandise, simply do not look ahead to them to be prepared – there is a purpose they’re referred to as ‘Uncommon’!

The ultimate method is to nominate Cosmog/Cosmoem as your Buddy, the place you’ll earn Sweet by strolling with them. Once more, this can be a sluggish method to getting the merchandise, however each bit helps.


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To evolve Cosmoem into Solgaleo, you’ll need 100 Cosmog Candies and you’ll need to carry out the evolution through the day.

Sunlight hours in Pokémon GO are based mostly in your native time zone and are mirrored in the principle map, which you’ll see on the sport’s dwelling display screen. If the solar is the place you at the moment are, the Pokémon GO map might be inexperienced, and Cosmoem’s evolution image can have a small silhouette of Solgaleo to verify this.

For now, it is good to take into account that you may solely do that evolution as soon as. This implies you solely must improve Cosmoem if you wish to get a Solgaleo through the day. Failure to take action means you can’t remodel the cosmic Pokémon into Lunala.


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Remodeling Cosmoem into Lunala works just about the identical as Solgaleo’s evolution, however with the other impact. Evolution would require 100 Cosmog Candies and should occur at evening.

The daytime indicator on the Pokémon GO map is an effective indication of what legendary merchandise your evolution will yield. Within the case of Lunala, you will need the map in its darkish state that displays your native time’s evening setting. Cosmoem’s evolution button will embrace a silhouette of Lunala throughout this time for affirmation.

Very similar to Solgaleo, Cosmoem can solely be upgraded as soon as, no matter what number of Cosmog Candies you’ve gotten available. If you wish to ensure you get a Lunala from Evolution, it is a good suggestion to test if the sport is checking you out at evening, because the legendary will solely be out there throughout these instances.

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