The ten secrets and techniques of the Dragon’s Home are identified solely to e book readers

Sport Of Thrones it did not have a strong ending, which made followers cringe Dragon’s Home Happily for everybody concerned, the primary season was delivered, finishing the ultimate season GET. HOT It was based mostly on the Dance of the Dragons The World of Ice and Fireplace and hearth and blood The primary of a two-part collection specializing in the Targaryen kings.

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E book readers know quite a bit about this story, issues TV followers do not know about. The primary season gave followers a glimpse into the place Dance of the Dragons is headed, one thing e book readers are prepared for.

SPOILERS forward for the remaining Dragon’s Home

This text examines traumatic violence and suicide.

10/10 Home Velaryon loses its energy

House is Velaryon HOTDs the second strongest noble home. The Velaryons arrived in Westeros alongside the Targaryens, with the 2 Valyrian homes working as shut allies. Lord Corlys Velaryon’s fleet is probably the most highly effective within the Seven Kingdoms and he married Rhaenys Targaryen, the Queen That By no means Was.

Within the first season, the Velaryons have been hit onerous by the battle that’s brewing inside the Targaryen home. Laenor was “killed”, secretly leaving Westeros together with her lover, and Laena dedicated suicide. Sadly, issues take a flip for the more serious for Home Velaryon. Rhaenys dies within the Dance, killed in an ambush by Ser Criston Cole. Corlys survives the Dance, however Home Velaryon is damaged. They offer up energy within the Seven Kingdoms and swear allegiance to Home Baratheon after Robert’s Riot.

9/10 Helaena Targaryen takes her personal life

Helaena Targaryen with her family in the Dragon House

Helaena Targaryen is the sister/spouse of Aegon II Targaryen. Helaena was a stupendous girl however the Targaryen curse, because the masters knew it, struck her. He was not as unwell as some members of his household had been and can be; it was a benign situation nearer to autism than the violent insanity that Maegor the Merciless and Aerys II.

Whereas Alicent and Aegon II flee, Helaena stays in King’s Touchdown as Rhaenyra takes town. After six months in captivity, he kills himself, nobody is aware of precisely why. Helaena had no place in her household’s wars and she or he paid the worth for Targaryen vanity.

8/10 Aegon II is killed when the rope tightens round King’s Touchdown

Coronation of King Aegon II Targaryen in the House of Dragons

The Greens ultimately retake King’s Touchdown, however the struggle doesn’t go properly for Aegon II. Black lastly kills his brother and finds allies regardless of the defeats. Aegon II is mortally wounded in Ser Cole’s ambush of Rhaenys Targaryen, his physique so badly burned it by no means heals.

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Inexperienced loses his benefit over Black and King’s Touchdown is surrounded by armies. Inside town, Aegon’s lords are brazenly plotting in opposition to him, however he’s too drunk to note. After a small council, Aegon calls for to be taken to the royal sept and upon arrival is discovered useless, blood on his lips, presumed to have been poisoned.

7/10 All of Rhaenyra’s mighty kids die

Harwin Strong, Jaecaerys Velaryon and Rhaenyra Targaryen together in HOTD

The Targaryen dynasty is broken on the Dance, at the same time as Rhaenyra does every little thing she will to increase the Home. Between her bastard kids with Harwin Robust and her true youngster with Daemon, she has 5 kids. Within the dance, the three Robust kids die. Lucerys is killed by Aemond on the Battle of Jacaerys Gullet, and Joffrey is thrown from a dragon and falls to his dying.

Rhaenyra’s Targaryen kids are extra lucky, however historians of Westeros imagine that it’s becoming that every one of her bastard sons die in struggle. Jacaerys by no means sits on the Iron Throne, regardless of his mom taking King’s Touchdown; Joffrey by no means will get an opportunity to combat again, dying whereas attempting to get Syrax out of the Dragon Pit within the Greens’ assault on King’s Touchdown.

6/10 Aemond Targaryen is a good Soldier, however he cannot beat Daemon

After dueling in Aemond Targaryen's dragon house Criston Cole

HOT it is filled with violent warriors, with Aemond Targaryen being the extra martial of Viserys I and Alicent’s kids. The lack of the attention modified him, and taking Vhagar as his mount gave the greens nice energy. The battle with Lucerys on the finish of the storm is the primary blood spilled within the Dance, however it’s not the final that Aemond spills.

Aemond is his brother’s biggest defender, subsequent to Ser Criston Cole. He and Vhagar do great injury to the Blacks. Aemond is instrumental within the combat in opposition to Rhaenys, however he’ll meet his match within the Eye of the Gods. Daemon Targaryen, driving Caraxes, fights him and Vhagar. Aemond and Vhagar are killed, Aemond’s cranium and later discovered with Daemon’s sword nonetheless inside.

5/10 The Starks play an enormous function ultimately of the struggle

Home of the dragon Cregan Stark

In the long run, Aegon III is the final remaining Targaryen and turns into king. He’s a lot too younger and so a royalty is born. Nevertheless, earlier than the regency, Cregan Stark takes over. Cregan had pledged himself to Rhaenyra years earlier and the Starks had by no means damaged an oath so far. Within the chaos on the finish of the dance, Cregan decrees the King’s Hand, his large military repelling all complaints.

Whereas not the Inexperienced, the Hand’s time included arresting everybody concerned in Aegon II’s regicide and arresting Queen Alicent. Solely Corlys Velaryon was spared by Aegon III. Nineteen took the black, whereas Larys Robust and Ser Gyles accepted the execution. On the finish, Cregan himself swung his sword.

4/10 Alicent Hightower survives the Battle

Split image of HOTD's Small Council and Alicent Hightower

Alicent just isn’t evil HOT, however he isn’t a saint both. The Dowager Queen is ready to survive the Dance of the Dragons, not solely her kids but additionally Rhaenyra and Daemon. He escapes from the sack of King’s Touchdown with Aegon II and returns once they retake town. He’s arrested after the dying of Aegon II.

Alicent frees Cregan Stark and executes the boys who imprisoned him. She opposed her granddaughter’s marriage to Aegon III and was imprisoned in Maegor’s Holdfast till her dying, usually weeping over the bitterness of her life.

3/10 Aegon III and Viserys each survive the Battle

Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen with sons Aegon and Viserys at HOTD

Aegon III and Viserys have been the youngsters of Rhaenyra and Daemon. Not like the Robust bastards who began the entire succession disaster, the true Targaryens survived the battles, although for years Viserys was misplaced within the wars with the Triarchy of the Slender Sea. Aegon III was succeeded by his uncle Aegon II when King’s Touchdown was retaken and held hostage.

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Because the dance killed extra Targaryens, Aegon III was the final one standing. The boy was devastated by the dying of his household however fulfilled his responsibility. Finally, Viserys was discovered alive, and rescued from Lys. Aegon was glad his brother was alive and named him Hand of the King.

2/10 Nobody is aware of if Daemon Targaryen survived the dance

Prince Daemon Targaryen raises an eyebrow in the House of the Dragon

Daemon Targaryen did not have it straightforward HOT, however most of his tribulations have been partly his personal fault. One of the best factor he did was marry Rhaenyra. He served as husband and accomplice for a time, making the distinction in lots of battles between him and Caraxes. Nevertheless, his wandering eye would get him into bother.

The dragon seed fell in love with Ortigas, straining her marriage. Nevertheless, he fought for the Blacks, his closing battle being the Battle Over the Eye of the Gods. It’s attainable that Aemond died, as no physique was discovered, however others believed that he fled to Essos with Nettles.

1/10 Rhaenyra sat on the Targaryen Throne earlier than she died

Emma D'Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen in HBO's House of the Dragon

The Lifetime of Rhaenyra HOT it was tragic, although many felt it introduced him on in later years. The struggle in opposition to blacks had its ups and downs. Finally, the Blacks have been capable of take King’s Touchdown and Rhaenyra lastly sat on the Iron Throne.

Rhaenyra was broken by Daemon’s infidelities and was the sufferer of different betrayals. Jacaerys’ dying took its toll and the greens gained the benefit, reclaiming King’s Touchdown. His son Joffrey died and he and Aegon III have been captured. Condemned to dying, he was killed in entrance of Aegon III when Aegon II’s dragon was fed to Sunfyre.

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